Bali Garment Manufacturer, Australian owned clothing factory Indonesia, Canada, UK

S&F Garment Manufacturing

Australian owned ethical clothing manufacturer based in Bali, Indonesia.

We produce a range of apparel from quality street-wear and children’s clothing, to formal and resort wear.


Q. What are your minimums?

A. For adult apparel our MOQ is:

20 garments per style/colour with 3 size variations included - the total order must be 100 garments.

If you require us to source the fabric the MOQ is 50 garments per design/color - with a total order of 250 garments. Alternatively we can source the fabric for a sourcing fee of Rp 3million per order.

For children's wear our MOQ is:

50 garments per design/colour - the total order must be 250 garments.

If you require us to source the fabric the MOQ is 100 garments per design/color - with a total order of 500 garments. Alternatively we can source the fabric for a sourcing fee of Rp 3million per order.


Q. How much does it cost to make a dress, shorts, shirt?

A. We can only advise pricing upon seeing a tech pack or a specification sheet which includes the design details, fabric, and specific construction requirements (for example French seams, Beading, Pleating etc). This allows us to understand if we can manufacture for you and allows you to understand if our pricing fits with your business model. Please also provide information about your time frames and approximate order quantities.

We can develop specification sheets for a fee of AU $200 + GST per design - please contact us for further information.


Q. Will you source fabric for me?

A. Yes, please see our MOQs for fabric sourcing with Q1 above.

Any artwork for printing on fabric must be provided ‘ready-to-print’. This means the artwork must be repeating (if needed) and 100% to size in Ai format.

All fabric delivered to our factory is examined for imperfections before production commences. A washing service is also available and a requirement for cotton, rayon and linen fabrics that are not pre-washed.


Q. Can I see some of your previous work?

A. You can see examples of our work on our Portfolio page of this website. To visit our factory we require all potential clients to submit their specification sheets prior so we can quote first. Please note we do not disclose the information/details of other clients without their approval.


Q. Are my designs and patterns safe/protected from copying by your factory? 

A. Yes! Within our contract is a confidentiality agreement with all clients ensuring that your designs and patterns will never be shared or re-used with other clients.


Q. Are you a sweatshop?

A. No! All of our staff are treated with respect and paid above award wages. We are open from Monday to Friday, and any work undertaken on Saturday is paid at overtime. 

Both Siobhan and Fionnuala have worked in the community development sector and recognise the importance of fair work conditions.


Q. Do you provide labels?

A. Standard wash/care labels and size labels are included in your quote. We can arrange for the production of your design labels and swing tags - you will need to provide the artwork and dimensions of the labels.


Q. What are your time frames?

A. To produce the pattern and toile requires 2-3 weeks, this is then provided to the client for review. The true samples then require 2-3 weeks to complete. Production time-frames are 6-8 weeks depending on the order size and complexity.

Our factory is often booked 4 weeks in advance for production so please consider this when scheduling. Upon completion of sampling clients are required to secure their production time with a 10% deposit.


Q. Quality Control?

A. Managing the quality of our garments is essential for our business. Throughout production we ensure that our processes are adhered to, for example:

·       Fabric: All fabric delivered to the factory is checked when developing the inventory. Any flaws and faults are addressed immediately with the supplier.

·       Patterns: All patterns are cross-checked with corresponding specification sheets and measurement charts prior to cutting the fabric.

·       Cutting: The cutters are required to obtain the Production Managers approval to cut the fabric once it is marked up.

·       Production: Each tailor works on an entire garment and is responsible for ensuring the garment measurements match the specification sheet.

·       Finishing: All garments are measured, cross-checked and pressed by the QC team before packing.

·       Spot-checks: The Directors and Production Manager undertake regular spot checks to ensure a high level of quality is consistently maintained.


Q. What about shipping?

A. We are FOB Denpasar which means shipping is the responsibility of the client. We recommend using DHL, TNT, Pack & Send or Bali Export Air.


Q. Do you make patterns? What about grading?

A. Yes, we have a full-time pattern maker and 3 part-time pattern makers that are all highly experienced. Grading is also available. Clients are required to provide their sizing chart.


Q. Can I visit your factory?

Due to the volume of requests we have to meet at the factory, we require that prior to meeting we have quoted on your designs.